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Initial interview for patients

Why is the first interview necessary?
First, our physician will discuss with you the planned course of treatment and carry out the initial preliminary examinations. This is the first important step on the journey to your desired child. You will be informed of possible risks to be able to decide whether you will undergo the infertility treatment.

What will happen during the first interview?
Infertility treatment must be planned and effectuated with an individual approach to increase the chances of success. The first interview therefore takes quite a long time to enable us to develop a therapy plan tailored to your needs. In relation to the plan, the expected costs of therapy will be discussed. If you wish, first examinations will be performed (uterine cavity probing, ultrasound and folliculometry). The attending physician will take you through the entire first interview.

If you are interested, a short Skype consultation can be arranged before the actual visit to the clinic. Needless to say, the initial interview and examination in the centre is a prerequisite for starting the therapy.

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