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Giving life to love
We help couples make their dream come true

Giving life to love
We help couples make their dream come true


I will help them make their dream come true.
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Dear Parents-to-Be,

we will be delighted to accompany you on your journey to your long-awaited child. Our qualified team is proud of its long-term experience and valuable practice, which enables us to offer a wide range of tried-and-tested therapies. We approach each couple individually, respecting their personal situation and always selecting the best procedure, utilizing our capacities and expertise. Most importantly, during the entire treatment, we make sure that you feel in good hands and safe in all the procedures carried out.

MUDr. Renata Krmíčková Ph.D.

Our motto “giving life to love” is the epitome of our everyday work. Through our efforts, we strive to help each couple evaluate their individual situation, and then we propose a suitable treatment plan.

Increasingly, couples today reach a conclusion that fulfilling their dream to have a child may be problematic. Our team relies on experience spanning over more than twenty years and we are thus able to select the most suitable treatment option for each couple. Our offer includes a broad spectrum of procedures, ranging from the simple to most complex ones, which take place in our embryology or genetics laboratory. 

We are aware that for many couples, a situation of being unable to become parents is very difficult and emotionally challenging. In most cases, we can detect the cause of infertility and then focus on its treatment thanks to our thorough examinations. A relatively high success rate speaks for our work. Our first and foremost objective is to help an infertile couple, as early as in the first treatment cycle, successfully conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

In Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech Pilsen, the greatest emphasis is on the cutting-edge technology, the highest quality standard and tailored therapy on an individual case basis.

For our team, each couple is important – we therefore do our best to accommodate your requirements to pave your way to your desired child.

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