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Why choose us for infertility treatment
IVF centrum Prof. Zecha Plzeň

Our team relies on almost 20 years of experience and research in the field

The entire medical team has operated in reproductive medicine for many years, and while providing the best possible care and help to our patients on a daily basis, this experience is further expanded.

Short waiting time

As our patients, you will certainly appreciate that there are minimal waiting times for the initial interview and the treatment itself. Your treatment at our clinic can start immediately; however, always depending on patients’ menstrual cycle.

Long-term outstanding results

Our clinic has made it a habit to achieve excellent results in the long term. Cumulative success rate, i.e. achieving pregnancy after an oocyte pick-up, is (in the donor/IVF cycle) higher than 75%.

Genetic examination

Genetic examinations are carried out in cooperation with MUDr. Petr Lošan of the genetics institute Genetika Plzeň s.r.o.

Health insurance companies

As part of our cooperation with the University Hospital Plzeň, we treat patients of all health insurance companies.

Language skills – CZ, DE, EN

All our employees speak Czech, German and English. As part of our continuing education, we have improved our skills in other languages to be able to provide you with increasingly better services and become the best partner for you.

Sensitive and personal approach

We approach each couple with sensitivity, taking into account their individual situation, and we always choose the best procedure using our capacities and expertise. We believe it is crucial to win your trust and create the most comfortable environment for you throughout the therapy. Accordingly, we offer an option to remain under the care of one physician during the entire treatment.

24/7 support

Throughout the therapy, patients have at their disposal our information centre during working hours – both by e-mail and telephone. Your questions will always be answered promptly by our nurses or forwarded to your attending physician. If any acute problems emerge outside our centre’s opening hours, you will be able to use an emergency number to directly call the physician. Our centre is open from Monday to Friday, and we will happily accommodate to your treatment also at the weekend.

Transparent price of therapy

At the beginning of your therapy, you will receive a pricelist from us, which you can read at your leisure, and in the case of any questions, you are welcome to contact the attending physician at any time. We make sure that the price of therapy is clear to you from the beginning. No need to be afraid of hidden fees or additional expenses not included in the pricelist.

We guarantee the number of blastocysts in treatment with donated oocytes

Based on contract, our programme guarantees a minimum number of two embryos; however, on average, the recipient receives 3.5 embryos per donor cycle. Our centre works with a guarantee of blastocysts, i.e. eggs that have already been fertilised, a procedure much more beneficial for patients than working with unfertilised eggs.


Our centre is located directly in the historical centre of Plzeň. You can reach us from most hotels within a few minutes’ walk, which you will certainly appreciate after any procedure. Our centre is also easily accessible by car – thanks to the nearby parking house “Rychtářka” and the carpark in Sady Pětatřicátníků, you will not have to solve any issues relating to parking.


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