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Sperm donation

Any healthy and fertile male between the ages 18 and 35 with a completed secondary education, with no genetic or psychiatric illness in the family medical history, can become a donor.

What tests will you undergo?


Determination of the blood group and Rhesus factor.

Examination for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis B, C and syphilis, chlamydia).

Genetic blood test, which we will use to determine whether you are a carrier of a serious genetic defect; the test will be followed by a consultation with a clinical geneticist. This examination is not generally available, or it can cost up to several thousand CZK.

What happens then?

One of our experienced staff will go over the results with you.

Donated sperm must be frozen using cryopreservation and then stored for at least 180 days.

After this time, the serology tests will be checked and if the results are still negative, the sperm can be used to treat the recipients.

Information for donors

According to Czech law sperm donation is voluntary act, but the donor may receive a financial compensation.

The principle of anonymity is strictly observed between the donor and recipient.

Why donate?

Thanks to the initial examination, you will receive valuable information about your health condition.

You will help infertile couples who need your help, and without you, their dream to have a child would never become true.

The experience of our assisted reproduction centre in working with the donation programme is extensive. Since the donation programme has been realised under control of experienced experts as early as since 2003, there is no need to worry, you will be in good hands.

Do you wish to donate sperm, learn more about your health in the process and help infertile couples?

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